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Find out what I'm working on right now.

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Hey everyone! I wanted to do a quick update on what I am currently up to and what projects I'm working on.

Soooo it has been a busy couple weeks but I am getting there. Currently I have 3 projects I am working on:

  1. Converting an attic into a 9 year old girls bedroom

  2. A small flat renovation in Dublin city centre

  3. An E-Design project for a new build

Yeah, a lot to look forward to! I can not wait to complete everything and show the finished product. I will be doing in depth separate posts for each project but for now I just wanted to show what we have done so far.

Attic Bedroom

So the design for this project has been completed and the room has been painted. Next week I am startin the decorative items shopping. The client wanted a bedroom that is bright and girly but not pink girly so we arrived at the colour blue as the main colour.

Here are the 3D visuals to help the client visualise the layout and roughly what the room will look like:

The client had a couple of requirements which were to include a double bed, a reading area, a new custom wardrobe, a desk for homework an crafts and space where Lego can be displayed as that is a hobby of the daughter. The room is not a usual shape but I managed to fit all those areas into the layout as well as still leaving room for playing etc.

Client was happy so we got the room painted last week and soon we will be installing a custom wardrobe which we are putting into the darker corner of the room. I designed this wardrobe to fit in perfectly into the space and to have enough storage for clothes and any other extra items. Download the pdf file to look at the wardrobe design.

Download PDF • 679KB

Here are the shots of the paint job done. Im really loving this colour and it suits perfectly to create the look we are going for.

On Monday I will be buying some items which I will update this blog post with, and I will also keep updating this post once more work is done! I am also thinking about starting a separate page on my website where I will link some of my favourite finds for whatever project I am working on.

25th July - Update

Today the custom wardrobe was installed. I really love how it turned out. It offers plenty of storage. Here is how it looks. The door handles are temporary as I want to change them to something that suits the overall look of the room better.

Next post I will be discussing my Dublin City Centre Flat project which is super exciting!

Follow me on Instagram - @jana.hatilova where I post daily stories updating my followers with what I am doing.

Thank you for reading and maybe one day I will help you transform your home!

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